We’ll never be alike.  As long as there are two people left on planet earth, no matter who they are, they’re going to be different.

There are things we have in common, but there are also many things that are very different about each of us.

People comment how much my son looks like me.  Looking back at photographs of the two of us, there are many similarities.  One of my favorite pictures is of a 1-year old Daniel and I sitting on the couch eating pickles.  Same expression on our faces, same hairline, same everything.  Except he’s very different from me.

In the politically correct world of today, we think of our differences as weaknesses.  That’s why we all have to have the same new technology, teens demand the same style of basketball shorts, and we’re pressured into thinking that if we disagree with so-and-so we don’t really know what we’re talking about.

But think about your body for a minute.  Your ear is important.  So are your fingers, your toes, and even your eyelashes.  Even the parts of our bodies that medical science used to say had no valuable function, like the appendix, we now know are vitally important to a healthy life.  Every part of your body has a special function and purpose that only it can accomplish well.  Someone might say, “Talk to the hand,” but does the hand really do as good a job listening as the ear does?

Each part of your body views the world differently, serves a different purpose, has a different function, yet each part is important in its own way.  Each different part works together with every other different part for the good of the whole body for something we call life.  A body where all the parts try to be an eyeball is dysfunctional and will die.  So will a body where all the different parts work against one another.

Diversity, being different, is a strength rather than a weakness.  Being free to possess and share a different opinion, thought, function, or feeling is an advantage.  But being diverse is only a strength and advantage when we’re using those differences for the good of the whole.  We all need each other.  We need the strengths that only others can bring to our own weaknesses.

The body is one and has many members, but all the members of that one body, being many, are one body … (First Corinthians 12:12).


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