Lost In Love

One of the necessities of life is love.  God created us in His own image, so that makes us creatures who long to love and be loved.

People of my generation will remember the pictures from Romania when the Iron curtain came crashing down.  There were warehouses of children kept in cribs and shown no human affection.  The dire need for attention and love could be seen on every withdrawn face.

One of my heroes, Aimee Semple McPherson, was put to scorn by her contemporaries nearly 100 years go.   America was in the midst of a cultural war.  Christianity was attacked on every front.

Preachers railed continually against the evils of alcohol, evolution, dancing, wearing make-up, and even the radio (which was considered a tool of the devil because it’s signals magically flew through the air).

However, Sister Aimee remembered what had moved her own heart as a child, and that’s what she preached over and again.  It didn’t matter what others said about her “watered-down Gospel” or even the names they called her.  “God loves you” was her continual theme.  It’s a message needed today just as much as it was back then, and as much as it was when the Bible was written.

One old pastor used to say there are three stages to every relationship: lust, rust and dust.  For some of us, the truth of the love of God has lost it’s luster, disintegrated, and blown away on the winds of time.  It’s not because thinking or preaching about God’s love compromises the truth of His other traits, but because His love has become too familiar to us.  We have lost our first and primary love (Revelation 2:4).  The danger of such familiarity is that it can breed contempt and ingratitude.

But for many people, the greatest message is still found in the simple words that God is love (First John 4:8), and that because of that love, God sent His Son Jesus as the Love Letter to the world (John 3:16).  Simply put: God loved, so God gave.  There is hardly a message more needed in our isolated, impersonal age, than to know that “the God of the universe loves and cares about you.”


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