Heavenly Minded

I sat in my office, listening to someone ramble on-and-on via telephone about something I truly had no interest in.  It was the kind of conversation that was fully one-sided.  Before long I wasn’t paying any attention to the caller.  Honestly, I couldn’t begin to tell you where my mind was; all I knew was that it was somewhere far away from the telephone and my office.

The Bible says to Set your mind on things above, not on things on the earth  (Colossians 3:2).  The word “set” means “to have a continual experience of willfully fixing the mind or concentrating.”

The saying goes, “some people are so Heavenly-minded that they’re of no earthly value”; but truthfully, most people are so earthly minded that they are of no Heavenly value.  They are valueless to God’s priorities.

The solution to being valueless to Heaven is to fix your mind on the eternal.  Just as the needle of a compass always points northward, so our minds must always focus Heavenward.  Heaven will change our priorities and give us a different perspective of daily life here.


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