People and Pages

I love books.  Language and the ability to read are two of the great gifts of God to humanity.   I know people who have e-books.  I don’t own any, and I can see the advantage of them, but they are not the same as actual paper and ink.

Not only do I love to read books, I like to collect them.  I have books which are nearly 200 years old.  My oldest is by the French philosopher Denis Diderot.  I have first editions by Baptist preacher Charles Spurgeon and American evangelist DL Moody.

Every book is a tale of someone’s life.  Someone spent months or years of his life placing his thoughts as a living history of thoughts and experiences upon pages in a book.

Each book also has a personal life.  The condition and color of the cover, the feel of the paper, the stiffness of the binding, a peculiar scent.  A history of ownership.  A tale of use.

People are a lot like books.  Some are best sellers, while others sit on shelves and go ignored without a second look.  Some are dog-eared and beloved, while others are tattered and become fragile from use or abuse.  Some are funny, some serious, some informational, some full of pictures.  But every book has a story if we take the time to read it; don’t judge it merely by it’s cover.


3 thoughts on “People and Pages

  1. I completely agree. There is something special about an actual, holdable book. The smell of its pages, the feel of its binding, its aesthetic value. I will never replace the sensory experience of reading an actual book with the clinical and character-less ebook phenomenon.

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