If money were no object…

It's a God thing...

Do you ever ponder the ‘what would I do if I won the lottery’ hypothetical in your head? The one where you imagine all the things you’d do with a million or so dollars?

I’ve been through seasons of financial blessing, and seasons of monetary hardship. Although my parents raised me with a fairly ‘que sera sera’ attitude towards money – if it’s there it’s there, if it’s not it’s not – I’ve never known true poverty. The kind that leaves you wondering if your family will live through the day.

The reality of scoring an easy $1 million would be quite different to what we imagine. We might claim that half will be given to the poor in Africa, or that we’ll buy our brother a new car… but would we really?

I do like the question though, as it reveals where our heart’s at – or at least…

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