You are Light

blinded by the light

A winter rain and wind storm, coupled with a careless driver, knocked out the power to the tiny community in which I live.  After a while, two of my neighbors left their homes for other places with power.  For nearly an hour every house within sight was dark … except for mine.

Several years ago I bought three battery backup units.  They plug into the house electrical outlets and work as a power strip.  They also store electricity for power outages.  Not only did I have power to operate my tv, radio, and laptop, but two lamps.  I plugged my electrical devices into the batteries and I had light!  One light in the midst of a world of darkness.

For you were once darkness, but you are light in the Lord  (Ephesians 5:8).

It’s interesting that Paul doesn’t write that we once “walked” or “lived” in darkness, but we “were” once darkness.  Darkness characterized all of our being, but now in Jesus we have experienced a complete change of being.  There is a dramatic transformation – as dramatic as, well, from darkness to being “light in the Lord.”

Darkness does only one thing: it conceals.  Light illuminates, reveals, and transforms.  If you are not brightly beaming in the absolute darkness of sin and evil around you so that those used to darkness shutter their eyes in your light, you need to check the power source you’re plugged into.


One thought on “You are Light

  1. Richard,
    Thank you for this timely encouragement. I’m dealing with an exasperating situation and I’m doing my very best to keep shining His light as I maneuver through it.

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