A Prayer for Today


My Father in Heaven, Ruler of this world and the world to come, King of my heart:

Be Thou the vision before my eyes, the Treasure of my heart, the sweet Fragrance of my memory, the taste of Goodness upon my tongue, the Idea of my mind, and the Goal and Prize of my day.

As I follow the path You have laid before me this day, keep me in Your way everlasting. Open my ears that I may hear Your voice saying, “This is the way, walk ye in it.”  Keep my hand, that should I slip, I will not be utterly cast down.

Walk before me as my Guide. Walk behind me as my Protector. Walk above me as my Shelter. Walk under me as my Way.  Walk beside me as my Friend. Walk around me as my Garment. Walk within me as my Lord.

Whether I find myself today in want or abundance, peril or peace, happiness or grief, freedom or bondage, weakness or strength, I will thank You and give You praise, for You are my God, needy of nothing, but graciously giving all things, and accepting me in loving mercy and tender-kindness.

My Saviour, Jesus, I pray in Your holy name, Amen.


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