Outside the Lines


If you’ve ever watched a young child color a picture, you know that he has no regard for “staying in the lines.”  A child’s world extends beyond the lines set down by the coloring book company.  Those self-imposed boundaries of experience haven’t been instilled in him yet by society. I think we all need to color outside of the lines more often.

There’s a part of the Christmas story – yes, I’m aware it’s January – that’s always bothered me.  The Jewish leaders knew where and when to find the baby Jesus, but they didn’t worship Him (Micah 5:2; Matthew 2:1-8, 16).  Even when He became an adult, working miracles and preaching, the Bible experts couldn’t and wouldn’t accept Him.  Jesus lived outside the lines of their drawings about life and God. Just just didn’t act, talk, or live like they expected, so they rejected Him.

Even the Apostles suffered from this problem.  Jesus would talk to them about His death and they’d tell Him to stop (Matthew 26:31-35). “Jesus, talking about death isn’t appealing.  Get back within the lines of accepted behavior.”

Too many times I’m guilty of the same thing.  I create boundaries and limitations about what my life is about.  I’m guilty of living by rules that really don’t make sense.  Boundaries make us feel safe, but so often they’re not boundaries that God has set.

The God who can do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think (Ephesians 3:2) must also be exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think.  He exists and works “outside” the lines.

He is much greater than could ever be framed between the covers of a book or confined to paper with ink.  He is more than our perceptions and experiences.  He colors all of life, and colors outside the lines because He is beyond the lines of what we understand.

Jesus was not what the religious experts of His day thought . . . don’t you miss Him too because He’s outside the lines of what you expect Him to be!


2 thoughts on “Outside the Lines

  1. It seems that my life is usually just outside the lines. Not far outside, sometimes right on the line… rarely ever safely inside. Maybe that’s why there are so many challenges. Some I overcome. Others force me to step back. But I always learn something new about myself. And God is with me where ever I am.

  2. Pastor Isaac Mathembe

    “Well done”

    This is my theme this year.There are so many people whom the Lord has placed on our path to help us reach the very goal He has set before us.Some are our relatives,some our spouses,some our church members,some our neighbors, some people you have even never met like my friend pastor Richard etc.

    These people need us to appreciate them as a way of motivating them to do what they do best for the Lord.We might not have touchable gifts or anything that is close to their status but the word of JESUS in Mathew 25:23 and i quote”WELL DONE,GOOD AND FAITHFUL SERVANT”are more important than a touchable gift.

    Well done pastor Richard.

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