Today is Your Day


John waited. He sat in the lonely hallway, the only sound being the click of the overhead light as it flickered on and off. The young woman with the pixie-cut was on her way.

Maggie stopped in front of John’s wheelchair and looked him in the face. He didn’t look so well today.  “I’m sorry this world hasn’t treated you better,” she said with genuine concern.

“This world has given me exactly what I’ve deserved,” he replied. “The wages of sin is death. We all get paid, mine just happens to be with cancer.”

She wheeled him slowly down the hallway to the waiting van. Maggie knew that after a treatment, moving John too quickly might make him vomit. That wasn’t on her agenda.

The van ramp lowered. She’d been driving a medical taxi for almost 9 months now as she worked her way through fashion design school. She’d been careful not to get close to her customers once she realized how many of them had died. But John was different. It was like they’d been destined to meet. And his religion-talk didn’t bother her because he wasn’t a phoney like the others she knew. Her own parents would go to church and then argue like drunks at a bar the rest of the week.

“I don’t know how you do it each week,” Maggie said as she pushed his chair into the van and strapped it down.  “You’re here each week but don’t get angry or bitter or scared.”

John chuckled, careful not to laugh too hard because of the nausea. “It’s like I’ve told you before. There’s no way I could go through this without Jesus and the hope I have in Him.”

Maggie settled into the driver’s seat and pulled away from the clinic.

“I know we’ve talked about this before. Because I trust that Jesus died for my sins, I know that whether I live another hour, a day, or a year, I don’t need to worry about my future. I have a hope that goes beyond this life.”

Maggie stopped at the traffic signal and waited. “Maggie, you need to know that today is your day of salvation. If you believe that Jesus died for your sins, He’ll save you and give you a hope beyond this life like I possess. I won’t bore you anymore.” Maggie turned and looked at John.

The light turned green and Maggie pushed the accelerator pedal and the van moved into the intersection. From the right sped a truck through the red light overhead striking John and Maggie.

Today is your day. Don’t delay.


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