Finally Home


I’ve come to the realization that I must accept the truth . . . YOU are getting older.  This fact doesn’t apply to myself or my dear friend Lisa. We will remain children forever – or maybe teenagers; we haven’t decided yet.

As we age, we face the specter of death, yet it is a very real truth which lives within us each day from the moment of conception.  Still we pretend ignorance until a date we determine as “old”, then death comes and we’re shocked as if the entire event was unexpected.

Saint Chrysostom (347 – 407 AD) is one of the most renowned early Christian preachers, his name meaning “golden mouthed.”  In one of his best known sermons, he reminded believers that we do not grieve over death as the unsaved do because our perspective of death is different.

He asked his congregation to consider how they felt and acted when a loved one was leaving on a trip. He verbally took his audience to a pier and stood with them as they joyfully waved goodbye, knowing that the separation would be short-lived. Chrysostom reminded them that death for the saint of God is better than waving goodbye to someone leaving on a trip because death for the Christian is actually a going home. Vacations are fun, but Like Dorothy said, there truly is “no place like home.”

The follower of Christ should be filled with joy when God’s children leave this vacation spot called “Earth” and make their way home.  Yes, we grieve our temporary loss, but we rejoice for the loved one arriving in his true home. This is why David could write, Precious in the sight of the LORD is the death of His saints (Psalm 116:15) – they are finally Home.


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