Theology Matters


I was talking with a friend about the return of Jesus to gather His Church.  Pre-Tribulation.  Mid-Tribulation.  Post-Tribulation.  No Tribulation.  In the Tribulation now.  Premillennial.  Amillennial. Postmillennial.

Later we prayed.

My friend began, Lord, it doesn’t matter when the Rapture is or if we die before You come – all that matters is that we get to Heaven …

I interrupted.  Lord, I don’t want to die.  I’d rather be raptured without tasting death. And my friend can go through the Great Tribulation and suffer the ungodliness of the Anti-Christ and the wrath of the Lamb, but Father, I’d rather be translated to Heaven before it all begins!

We laughed … but it’s true!  Theology matters. What we believe about God and His plan makes a difference!

Looking for the blessed hope and glorious appearing of our great God and Savior Jesus Christ (Titus 2:13).


2 thoughts on “Theology Matters

  1. Wow what a message,wish u can preach it at our church here in Kenya.

    We sail in the same boat my brother Richard.Theology matters i agree! Come soon Oh Lord i pray.Amen.

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