Bark More


I’m a cat person, but my neighbor has two corgi dogs.  I don’t mind that she has two dogs, but every time I go into my backyard, her dogs are in her yard, behind a hedge of bushes, barking at me.

They seem like a nuisance, but no one will ever enter her property without those dogs letting everyone know an enemy is at hand.

We live in a day when ‘tolerance’ means acceptance and approval. In America we’re told that we must accept homosexual marriage, plural marriages, pedophilia, children murdering their parents, government stealing private property, the ‘knock-out game’ where kids beat elderly people and leave them for dead in the street, politicians who lie and cheat and make their buddies rich, and every other sort of thing that the Bible calls sinful and evil. The same people then call Bible-believing Christians terrorists.

The church of God needs more dogs which will bark at those who seek to intrude on the things of God. We need pastors who will warn of those questioning the absolute authority of the Bible, that salvation is found only in Christ Jesus, that Jesus is the only way to God, and that evil is not good.  We need Christian people who will love their neighbor, but growl at those who accept wickedness as normal, acceptable, and tolerable.

People of God – we must BARK more!

The righteous judgment of God is upon those who practice such things that are deserving of death, not only who do the same but also those who approve of those who practice them (Romans 1:32).


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