Taking safe risks

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It's a God thing...

My family had a day at the beach recently, and our boys enjoyed climbing over its large rocks.
It occurred to me that we didn’t just step blindly onto them as if they were soft sand. We assessed each one for its stability, and whether it was big enough to hold our entire body without it tipping over. We assessed, then stepped, assessed, then stepped again. It was a conscious, considered exercise requiring strategy and control. But even if it looked stable, there were no guarantees. We took something of a risk each time…


But there’s a big difference between risking ourselves on rocks close to the ground, than, say, walking across a tightrope without a net. Because even if we fall, we won’t fall far. It’s risk within safe boundaries.
Life involves varying degrees of risk, and whether or not we tackle that ‘next big thing’ will depend…

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