Clear Vision

cloudy vision

When a child of God walks with darkness rather than light; when she surrounds herself with the ungodly rather than the household of faith; when he neglects the reading of God’s Word and prayer for sloth and self; that child of God will find himself walking by sight rather than by faith.  When we fail to be in the fellowship of the saints, we become easy targets for the enemy because we lose sight of Christ’s way.

It may not seem to make much of a difference at first, but it changes things more than you know.  Our spiritual vision grows cloudy and we don’t even know it.

When we walk by faith, we see what God abundantly supplies and we rejoice in hope; but when we walk by sight, we look at, yearn for, and sorrow over the things we don’t have.

Lot’s wife couldn’t let go of what she’d left behind in the horrible land of Sodom.  Rather than rejoicing at God’s faithfulness and deliverance from evil and death, she sorrowed over what she’d left behind (Genesis 19:26).

When the king of Syria surrounded Samaria, the prophet Elisha’s servant was troubled.  All he could see was the forces of Samaria.  Elisha saw something very different. He said, Do not fear, for those who are with us are more than those who are with them (2 Kings 6:16), and God opened the servant’s eyes to see an angel host protecting the city.

Our eyes of faith become clouded when we neglect our walk with God, but when we walk with Him, He gives us clear vision.

One thought on “Clear Vision

  1. Wow what a message,wish u can preach it at our church here in Kenya.

    Thank you pastor Rich.Am teaching a series on the qualities of effective praying and this post has alot that is so relevant to what iam teaching.God bless.

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