Daniel Joshua Wesley Rice

Daniel & Dad

Tomorrow my son turns 15.

From the time he was 3-weeks old until 8 months ago, Daniel and I spent nearly every single day together. He went to work with me each day, to week-long conferences, vacations, hospital visits, and took “Daniel Day” adventures. He was my constant companion until he began public school last October.

As long as he’s been able to talk, Daniel has vowed that he would stay with me forever. He was never going to move away or leave me.  Then a few weeks ago all that changed.

On the drive home from school he explained that he is going to graduate from public high school, attend Oregon State University, then move to the San Francisco area and get a job with his favorite internet company.  He’s decided to leave me.

We let our children go to live their own lives, fulfill their own dreams, and seek out their own destinies without us. We are proudly sad as they leave us behind, trusting that the godly foundation we laid as parents will sustain them as they build their own lives upon what we taught them by word and example.

I always knew that someday he’d grow up and become his own man – apart from his “old” man, but I thought he’d wait until he was 45 or so.  This reality makes my Lord’s promise, I will never leave you nor forsake you (Hebrews 13:5) all the more precious.

3 thoughts on “Daniel Joshua Wesley Rice

  1. During my last two year journey, that very verse has traveled with me, During the times I felt far away and alone, His promise has kept my fears at bay.
    In the next couple of weeks my journey will come full circle and I’ll be returning to the place I began. There is a sense of security there,, familiarity. Daniel will feel that too as he travels ‘out there;. He’ll always know that where you are, is home.

  2. Gary

    Time marches on as do our children. Daniel’s roots go deep and he will never be very far away from you. I know he has a good foundation.

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