Our First Morning


The last thing I remember before falling asleep yesterday is laying under the oak tree by a brilliant red hibiscus and gazing into the bright blue sky.

I’d been very busy all day gardening.  There’s always so much to do, but it’s also so much fun.  You know how doing something you enjoy isn’t really work?  Well, that’s how I feel about what I do.  I can’t imagine doing anything different.

As the afternoon sun warmed against my skin, I’d stopped to drink from the deep cool pool in the garden.  Then I laid down under the oak with my best friend, a shaggy brown dog, and was strangely overcome with sleep.  I had the strangest dream.  God appeared and we walked through the garden.  I showed him each tree and flower and how I’d kept myself busy tending to each one.

Then we talked about the animals.  How they’re the same, how they’re different.  But then I realized that I was alone.  The dogs had other dogs.  The birds had other birds.  Even the ladybug wasn’t alone.  I was alone.  There was no one to share the adventure and joy of life.  I wasn’t exactly sure, but I knew something was missing from my life.

When I awoke, God was with me in the Garden but I sensed something was different.  To my right I saw the most beautiful creature I’d ever laid eyes upon.  Her brown hair bounced as she walked to me.  Her blue eyes sparkled like the water in the pond as the sun sets.  She smelled like a Lily of the Valley.  She was beauty personified, and it was as if I’d known her all of my life.  She was perfectly perfect and most perfect for me.

Here today is the one God knew I needed.  He created her for me and from me.  She is my helper, the one who completes my purpose and meaning in life.  She is my glory, my love, my dream.  I call her Woman.  She is my Rib, my Treasure, my Wife.


3 thoughts on “Our First Morning

  1. Kimberly Dormier

    I wonder what Adam and Eve looked like? They didn’t have any affects of sin or aging. They must have been the pictures of perfection. Thank you for this wonderful image of their “first day.”

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