A Second Ticket

speeding ticket

Albert Einstein is attributed with saying, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. 

Five days after receiving my first traffic ticket just after entering the state of Wyoming, I was leaving Wyoming on my way to Utah. The state line was about 40 minutes away and I was on a back road seldom traveled except by old men driving slow moving RVs up and over the innumerable hills.

It had been a long day of driving and our hotel for the night was still almost 3 hours away. The road finally opened up into a long, flat stretch where I could see beyond the tortoise RV and I moved into the on-coming lane to pass. As soon as I pulled out, just over the horizon I saw a black car coming toward me. Something inside of me said, “It’s a Wyoming State Trooper.”

I finished passing the RV and was soon met by … you guessed … a black Dodge Charger with his blue and red police lights flashing.

Trooper Adams didn’t shake my hand, but was as friendly and apologetic as Trooper Jeff had been a few days before. We waited for a good 20 minutes, laughing about another ticket in Wyoming and what not to do if I were to get arrested. Daniel was again going wild with the picture taking.

As the officer handed me my second ticket I said, “Do you want to know something funny? This is my favorite state and I’ve never had a ticket before, but I got a ticket from another trooper at the exact opposite end of Wyoming, for going the same rate of speed, under the exact same circumstances.”

Trooper Adams replied, “That was five days ago and I wouldn’t say it’s funny.”

I corrected myself. “I didn’t mean ‘funny’ ha-ha, but ‘funny’ ironic.” He understood and we then spent the next 10 minutes chatting about the beautiful scenery, our drive at that point around the western US, and our plans for the following week. The officer couldn’t have been more friendly, helpful, or good-humored.

Did I learn anything? Yes. First, practicing thankfulness for all things (Eph 5:20) and in all things (1 Thess 5:18) helps create a merry heart. Second, even when the opportunity arises, and it’s lawful to pass, never-ever speed in Wyoming. Oh … and third … don’t be so much like Adam (Gen 3:6).

A merry heart does good like medicine, but a broken spirit dries up the bones (Proverbs 17:22).


One thought on “A Second Ticket

  1. Isaac Mathembe

    You know what my friend,such kind of a situation here lands you in court and alot of your time and money for fine is gone but worst of all is that our police are so corrupt and they will frustrate somebody so that he or she can give a bribe,and this makes our society here very sinful before the Lord.Thanks for sharing.

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