Perfect Time for a Honeymoon


Imagine going on what would be your honeymoon and bringing your teenage son along. Now image that he never wants to leave the hotel room. Not only that, but in the tiny hotel room, his bed is literally less than two feet from the bed you and your new wife are sleeping in.

Not this this has happened – or ever would happen – but just imagine.

Sometimes, you must wait for even the good things in life.

God knows what you need. We get impatient and try our best to hurry Him – and life – along. After all, we know what is best and when it is best. NOT!

As Christians, we wait upon God’s perfect timing, not just because we have to wait, but because we want to wait. We know that His will is best, just like His timing.

Later, looking back, we’ll acknowledge that: He has made everything beautiful in its time (Ecclesiastes 3:11).

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