A Teenager in Love


Our summer vacation started out very well. Everyone was happy motoring along 6 to 9 hours a day in the car. We talked. We looked. We walked. We sang. We played license plate bingo. We worked crossword puzzles. And every now-and-then I’d hear the tapping of keys on the cell phone from the backseat; Daniel was texting his girlfriend back home. It was so sweet.

Then one day something went wrong … something went horribly wrong … with the phone and he was no longer able to send or receive text messages. I reset the phone, did a software update, banged it on the wall a few times, but nothing would make the phone work properly. That was also the day the vacation stopped working properly.

Daniel no longer wanted to be in the car. He complained that we were driving too long or too far, or getting out too many times to take pictures, or walking too slow. Everything we did and everywhere we went resulted in nothing but conflict.

Amazingly, as soon as we’d arrive at our hotel and Daniel connected his laptop to the hotel internet, his entire mood changed. The flip of an electronic switch turned him back into a gentleman. Actually, it wasn’t the electronic switch, but being able to communicate with his girlfriend that softened and brightened his mood. He is a teenager in love for the first time.

This is how we ought to be when it comes to communicating with our Father in Heaven. Not that we should be grouchy and complaining whiners, but that prayer becomes so high a priority that nothing else truly matters until we spend time with our God. We ought to be so in-love that we can’t wait to tell Him of our day and let Him know of our love for Him.

Now in the morning, having risen a long while before daylight, Jesus went out and departed to a solitary place, and there He prayed (Mark 1:35).

One thought on “A Teenager in Love

  1. My friend, you are indeed the master of illustration teaching … parables so to speak! Thank you for being faithful with the gift God has given you.


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