Driving home from a wedding one night, my wife took an unexpected turn off the highway. She took the exit just before the one which leads home. I trusted her driving and didn’t say anything. I figured that she had a purpose and wanted to take a scenic detour, something I like to do myself at times.

It may be true that all roads lead to Rome, but they don’t all lead to Helvetia. Her detour was okay because I knew we’d still get home despite the unexpected route.

Life is full of unexpected and unintended detours. The serene house on the lake becomes living on a farm in a small Iowa town. A first-born son is delivered as twin girls. That small bump on the arm is diagnosed as the “c” word. The perfect man you love with all your heart morphs into a stranger you never knew. Your congregation gets evicted by another church group.

The God of the Bible is so great and awesome … more than we can ever realize. It is by His will that the sun and moon stay in their courses through the heavens (Psalm 19:6). He causes the water to evaporate and return to the ground as rains (Job 36:27-28). Before man was made upon the earth, God determined the boundaries and histories of every nation in history (Acts 17:26). Before time began He chose some people to be for honor and glory, while others He chose for dishonor and destruction (Romans 9:21-23).

Whatever road of life you may find yourself travelling, those unexpected and unintended detours aren’t accidents; there is a Divine purpose involved. Trust the Pilot of your soul. He knows the destination He’s determined and He’ll get you Home. Child of God, He has ordained all things to work together for your good and to His glory.

There are many plans in a man’s heart, nevertheless, the Lord’s counsel – that will stand (Proverbs 19:21).


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