I Beat His Mommy

big stick

The door to my church office slammed open against the wall. There stood a woman, hands formed as fists, yelling, “I knew you were a fraud. I knew there was something that just wasn’t real about you.”

Behind her stood my son, only about 4-years old, and frightened at what he was caught up in.

This woman routinely came by the church to clean or do odd chores, but her real motive was to spend time with Daniel. She delighted in my son.

I asked what she was yelling about and she explained. “Daniel and I were talking and he just said, ‘My Daddy beat my Mommy.’  I knew you were a phony.

Daniel ran and hopped up into my lap and blurted innocently, “And you beat me too!

Daniel went on to explain that a few nights before, the three of us had been outside, and as parents often do with their young children, we were racing. I ran faster than either him or his mother could run. I’d indeed “beat” them both.

How dangerous it is to make assumptions, even when based on what we believe is the “whole truth and nothing but the truth.” What Daniel had said was true, but it wasn’t the whole of the truth. A judge must know the whole of the truth before making a decision.

Jumping to conclusions is not an Olympic sport, nor should gossip be the sport of God’s people.

The tongue is a fire, a world of iniquity … out of the same mouth proceed blessing and cursing. My brethren, these things ought not be so (James 3:6, 10).



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