Righteousness Exalts a Nation


In the past weeks I’ve been reminding my congregation of two important facts:

(1) Pastors who are not urging their congregations to vote, and vote responsibly as Biblically-minded citizens, are negligent of their pastoral duties; and believers who do not vote are disobedient to God, for we are commanded by Jesus to Give unto Caesar the things that belong to Caesar, and the things that belong to God, unto God (Matthew 22:21).

(2) Christians must be informed on issues and the character and beliefs of candidates on the ballot, and then vote as Christians – not as political partisans. If we as salt and light, do not speak as the voice of morality and godliness in our land, who will?

Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin condemns any people (Proverbs 14:34, NIV).

2 thoughts on “Righteousness Exalts a Nation

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