Happiness is a Fog


So much of our world is constructed around the idea of happiness. Reaching this state has become the goal of living. It’s also a reason some of us have accepted the otherwise unacceptable … “Well, if it makes him happy ….” But happiness is a fog; the slightest disturbance of the air causes it to vanish.

Harmon, an atheist, explained to me that the reason for his existence on earth is to make others happy. He believes that we are here on earth to perform simple deeds of compassion or kindness to alleviate pain and suffering and create a degree of happiness.

Acts of charity are much needed in our dark world, but being happy doesn’t truly change anything. Suppose you give a homeless man one million dollars and make him the happiest man on earth. No more worries about buying his medicine, what he’ll eat, what he’ll wear, or where he’ll live. After thanking you he crosses the street and is killed by a bus. Happiness exists as a kingdom of the temporary.

If making others happy is transitory, maybe Harmon’s deeds of kindness are meant for his own happiness. But his works of charity were at times rejected, or even abused. A new coat for a street person was traded for a bottle of booze. Harmon’s selfish pursuit of personal happiness didn’t last, but quickly turned to disappointment.

Do we strive to achieve the temporary, knowing that it will be reduced to nothing at any instant, or is there greater meaning and substance to our existence on earth? Is there a reason for life which extends beyond the moment? Is the meaning of life as purposeless as the blink of happiness?

The Bible describes the saints in Heaven singing a great chorus: You are worthy, O Lord, to receive glory and honor and power; for You created all things, and by Your will and for Your pleasure they exist and were created (Revelation 4:11).

God created and placed you here for an eternal reason: to recognize Him as your Creator and to bring Him glory and honor and power because He is worthy.

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