Service to God


He didn’t even look old enough to shave, but there he stood, needle in hand, ready to give me a vaccine.

It’s a bit strange now that I’ve reached almost-middle age. Those who have climbed to this part of “the hill” – or higher – know of what I write. Does it seem to you that everyone looks so young?

I expected to see Doctor Welby, not Doogie Howser. (If you don’t know who both of these characters are, you are definitely much younger than I).

The young man’s hands trembled as he attempted to remove the peel-off sticker from the paperwork. He explained that he was a medical student from a nearby university getting some hands-on training. I thought, I wish his hands were going to be on someone other than me! But I listened and felt compassion for his nervousness … and my own.

When he was done, I shook his hand, told him he’d done a great job, and thanked him for helping me. Long story short, he did a fine job. My arm didn’t erupt in a gush of blood, nor have I yet died.

Even as Christians, we must be very careful of a sense of priority and seniority in God’s service. We proudly say, “I’ve been a Christian much longer than so-and-so, therefore I should be doing his job” or thinking, “She’s too young to be in that kind of ministry; I’m better equipped and much more mature.

As King David organized the ministry of the temple which his son Solomon would build, David did an interesting thing. Establishing the orchestra, David didn’t appoint the best players or the most senior musicians. First Chronicles 25:8 says that the musicians cast lots for their duty, the small as well as the great, the teacher with the student. Everyone was given an equal opportunity to serve God – regardless of age, skill, seniority, talent, or family position.

We would do well to remember that service to God is an honor and privilege – not a right.

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