Theo’s Birthday Wish

Theophilus Mathembe

Theophilus is an active and intelligent boy in Kangundo, Kenya. He loves to play English-style football, laugh, tease his little sister, and pray. If he places first in his class in school, he’s been promised something no one else in the neighborhood has: a bicycle!

Earlier this month Theo turned 8 years old. His father is my dearest friend and wrote to me about Theo’s birthday wish … a very special treat for any child in Kenya: a plate of french fries.

Today as you eat three meals, and push away leftovers from the Thanksgiving Day table, be thankful for the bounty God has given you and remember those who have so much less.

Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good (First Chronicles 16:34).

2 thoughts on “Theo’s Birthday Wish

  1. isaac

    AMEN.Today we went for prize giving day and he was awarded for being the smartest kid in the class. I join you in thanksgiving for having him as my son.

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