It’s Only Jesus


As Bible-believing Christians, we are wary of those who have made the Way of salvation more broad than the Scriptures allow. From Pope Francis saying that atheists who perform good deeds go to Heaven (here) to President Obama saying that his mother is in Heaven because she was “the kindest, most decent, generous person that I have ever known” (here). We bristle at such un-Biblical theology about redemption.

But there is also a danger that we can make salvation narrower than the Bible does. We are not saved because we believe certain Biblical truths – like a particular view of the Lord’s Supper or the timing of Christ’s Second Coming. We are saved only because we trust in Christ alone to save us from sin and the Father’s wrath.

Once we are saved, certain fundamental truths will follow, but these doctrines are not our Saviour. Salvation comes down to answering who Jesus is, what He did at Calvary, and whether or not you trust the Biblical Jesus, apart from anything you can do or add to get you to Heaven.

I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me (John 14:6).


2 thoughts on “It’s Only Jesus

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  2. Garyjane Quinn

    Pastor, Good message this morning and so true. Preachers such as Joel Osteen are making it appear that all you have to do to please God is to be happy. AND you will be happy if you attain position, get what you want (material things)big home, THAT car, overcoming illness, and you can make it happen by “conceiving it in your heart and mind before you can receive it”(Joel Osteen). “You must make room for increase in your own thinking, then God will bring those things to pass” (Joel Osteen). The person I have told you about that thinks I am too judgmental and he believes Joel Osteen is so wonderful, just won’t give up. A few weeks ago I decided not to meet with him any more. He was not bringing out the best in me. Well, a few days ago he sent me Joel Osteen’s book “Your Best Life Now”. I was tempted to send it right back but instead I decided to skim thru it. I didn’t read very far when I realized he is preaching about attaining materialistic goals. In the first chapter, “Enlarging Your Vision”, one of his first statements is ” The scripture says that God wants to pour out”, “His far and beyond favor”. (Eph 2:7) I looked Eph 2:7 up in my bible and cannot see where God says any such thing. I didn’t read very much more but it seems to me that he is taking a verse out of context and wrapping it around his own idea. It also seems to me, Osteen is applying spiritual teachings to materialistic desires! I thumbed thru the rest of the book and much of what he says is true and good advice to a bible believing Christian but I did not find anything concerning salvation or the fruits of the Spirit. (to be fair I have not read the whole book). I need to sit down and have a conversation with you about all of the above. I’ve been reading 1st and 2nd Timothy and as I understand 2 Tim 2:14 – 24, I draw from this passage don’t argue concerning God’s Word. (v.14,23). I am going to return his book without comment!

    Jane and I were talking last night and wondering is the world becoming more evil or are we just more aware. We decided its both. What say you? Hope to see you Thursday. Gary

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