My Lost Sister


Imagine my surprise! I have a twin sister from whom I was separated at birth. Now our father has a fortune to bestow upon us, and he lovingly longs for his lost daughter. He’s asked me to share the good news and bring her back to our father. Wherever I go in the world, I’m sharing the news in hope of finding her.

I don’t know who she is or where she lives, but when I find her she’ll respond and come home. We share a common calling and our father’s DNA.

Dad says that her heart has been yearning for home just as he’s been yearning for her. Somewhere in the depths of her soul, she’s known she has a father who loves her. She just doesn’t know who he is or where to find him.

You might wonder why I’d want to share the wealth with a total stranger.

(1) Dad told me to find her. The wealth is his. The name is his. My sister is his. Everything is his. Sharing his good news is my act of devotion and obedience.

(2) My sister is lost. She doesn’t know it, but her greatest need is to know our dad. He loves her beyond measure. Finding her will bring joy to my father’s heart, give me a sister I’ve always wanted, and give her purpose in life.

(3) I love my father. I was once separated from my father too, but in lovingkindness and patience, he drew me to himself. Because I love him, I want to serve him and give his lost daughter the message of reconciliation.

My sister will still need to respond to my father’s call, accepting his call to her that I’ve been entrusted with sharing.

By the way, my “lost” sibling is your sibling too if you’ve been born again.

Evangelism isn’t about having answers, but having Jesus. Since I don’t know who might be separated members of the Father’s family, I’ll share His Good News with everyone I can. As the Holy Spirit works in the hearts of those the Father has called, they will eagerly welcome the Gospel message in Jesus.

Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature (Mark 16:15).

One thought on “My Lost Sister

  1. Isaac Mathembe

    Wow!what a message!.This is one of the messages i want to keep for my self to read again and again.Am blessed by this message beyond words.Sharing the goods news to my lost twin brothers and sisters,i like.Amen,God bless you pastor.

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