The Lord is Here – Genesis

jacobs ladder

Sleep descended as Jacob’s head rested uneasily on his rock pillow. Running away was hard work, probably the hardest work he’d ever done. He’d cheated his brother, then his father, now circumstances made him run. Now he was alone in the wilderness. Everyone runs away from something.

He’d escaped from everything he’d known and been. No more being dad’s number two son or momma’s boy. No more rules or expectations. No more prying eyes from family or stories about a God in Heaven seeing all things. Jacob was free to be his own man at last.

A dream settled in his mind as he rolled over in his sleep. He envisioned a staircase from Heaven down to Jacob’s own feet. Between Heaven and Earth moved angels, and at the top of the stairway was the Lord Almighty.

In the place of his loneliness and loss, the son of Isaac learned something invaluable: Surely the Lord is in this place, and I did not know it (Genesis 28:16).

No matter what you do, where you run, or how alone you feel – the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob is with you.

++ This is part 1 of a Monday series: Jesus in every book of the Bible.


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