The Cure

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Let’s say that by some unknown means, the cure for one of mankind’s ailments lands in your hands. That cure might be for heart disease and cancer, easy weight loss, prejudice, or the common cold. Now, what would you do with that cure? Would you keep the secret to yourself? Would you sell it? Would you give it away free?

The world is full of “secret” cures. From the man who discovered a “secret” cure to heart disease and preventing cancer in a Bible verse in Matthew, to a potion for easy weight loss, to the remedy for prejudice by raising your hands over your head and wearing a $27.45 “Don’t shoot” t-shirt, to a tablet you drop in a glass of water for curing the common cold. For such amazing cures there is always a price – usually an expensive one. That should be the first clue that it’s not really a cure but a scam to make money off naive people.

If you had the opportunity to alleviate the suffering of your fellow human being, your family and your friends, wouldn’t you give it away for free??? If it really worked, wouldn’t you make it available to everyone at no cost?

The Gospel of Jesus Christ isn’t a scam. In churches all around the world, you can walk in on Sunday morning at absolutely no cost to you. You have friends and neighbors and co-workers who know the Way of eternal life and won’t keep it a secret. You’re reading this blog to spiritual growth and health five-days a week. In each of these cases, the Good News of Salvation in Jesus is FREE to hear, FREE to receive, FREE to be yours. And it’s an absolute cure for what ails you most.

And the Spirit and the bride say, “Come!” And let him who hears say, “Come!” And let him who thirsts come. Whoever desires, let him take the water of life freely (Revelation 22:17).

3 thoughts on “The Cure

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  2. Ironic isn’t it Richard? So many gain fame, fortune and adoration for finding the cure for some temporal illness or disease … yet scoff and reject God’s cure for sin and death found IN Christ Jesus!

  3. Isaac Mathembe

    Amen!”Freely you have received freely give”,God bless you my friend pastor Richard for every prescription and cure you give for free every day on your blog.

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