An Honest Answer


We were at a high school speech event, and as the young lady stood to address the crowd, I could see that the back of her dress was tucked into her underwear. The backs of her legs and posterior were exposed to everyone in the room.

I quickly and anonymously jotted a note and had a page discreetly deliver it across the room to her. She left the room and when she returned, gave her speech.

In July of last year, I called the Wyoming State Circuit Court to pay a speeding ticket received while on vacation the month prior (see story here). I’d tried to pay the fine online, but Wyoming’s computer system kept telling me that I didn’t have an outstanding fine.

The kind woman at the other end of the phone did some searching and found the problem: my date of birth had been entered incorrectly into the computer. The result was that my ticket had been “lost.” It would have never been found had I not called to say I owed money.

Two, seemingly unrelated stories, but they are connected. Honesty is always the best policy, but sometimes the way we are honest must be different. There are times to be forthright and times to be discreet and diplomatic. There are times to be anonymous and times to stand up and be counted. Rightly distinguishing between these times is a sign of wisdom.

An honest answer is like a kiss on the lips (Proverbs 24:26, NIV).


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