Gone Fishin

Sunday morning

It was early Sunday morning and the two Bapti-Luther-terian elders sat fishing from the anchored row boat about 30 yards from the shore. After a few hours, the church bell rang and the first elder looked at his watch. He put down his fishing pole and began pulling up the anchor.

The second elder sat up and asked, “What are you doing that for? The fish are just starting to bite.”

The first elder replied, “Didn’t you hear the church bell? It’s time to get ashore and head to the church building for Sunday services.”

The second elder leaned back against the side of the boat. “Ah, I can’t go to church today; my wife is home sick.”

The first elder cocked his head to the side and answered, “Oh. It would be a real shame for you to have to do all this work by yourself. I’ll stay and help.”

So many times we make ourselves excuses based on what others are or aren’t doing. We forget that our first duty is to watch and tend to ourselves.

After the Resurrection, Jesus had breakfast with the disciples. In conversation with Peter, the Lord laid out what Peter would face down the road of life. Without a pause, Peter pointed at the Apostle John and asked, But Lord, what about this man? (John 21:21).

Jesus answered that John’s future wasn’t any of Peter’s business. What is that to you? You follow Me (John 21:22).

My first responsibility is to obey Jesus without making excuses or asking about others.


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