This morning in my prayers I reminded God of some obstacles in my life and asked that He would remove them.

Life would be so much easier without obstacles.

I remember watching a young man place himself in the ready position on the race track. He was going to be the new champion. The only question was what the new record would be.

He placed himself in the “ready” position and waited for the gun to sound. At the cue he jumped from his starting block and his stride was like a gazelle. He reached the first hurdle and leaped. It was textbook perfection until his toe caught the top of the hurdle. He slammed into the next hurdle and skidded to the ground. His race was finished; the hurdles too great.

As I prayed I realized that God knows no hurdles. There is nothing too hard or impossible for Him (Jeremiah 32:17; Luke 1:37). The hurdles in my path exist only in my own thinking.



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