The Unhappy Clam

Un-Happy Clam

My heart sank the moment I saw him. I was one unhappy clam! I knew it would be a  struggle for me all night. There’s something about this man that just gets under my skin. All evening long I fought emotions like frustration, anger, and impatience.

The next day I was listening to my favorite radio Bible teacher, J Vernon McGee. He was explaining how pearls are made by a tiny piece of sand getting inside the shell of the oyster. That particle of sand irritates the oyster so much that the little mollusk produces a slime to coat the sand. As the slime builds up, it hardens, eventually creating a pearl.

Dr McGee then asked how we look at the little irritations in our lives. Are they troublesome or do we understand that God is using those bits of sand to make something beautiful in us? I knew which I wanted.

A week later I saw that guy who is a particle of sand in my life. I reminded myself: “God is using ‘Mr Sand’ to make something precious in me. He’s not an irritation; he’s a pearl in progress.”

Lord, I’m willing to get sand in my shell so that you can make something beautiful in me. Please, though, just one pearl at a time.

We glory in tribulations, knowing that tribulation produces endurance, and endurance, character; and character, hope (Romans 5:3-4).


4 thoughts on “The Unhappy Clam

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    1. Thank you for your encouragement Bernie. I’ve been fighting a strong bout of deep discouragement of late and your words have come at a needful time. So few want a pastor who can teach them truth from God’s Word.

  2. Isaac Mathembe

    A message that has made my night.Just what i wanted to hear.”In this world we have many tribulations but cheer-up Jesus has overcome the world.”Amen.Thank you pastor Richard my friend.

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