Bride and Groom

by Pastor Isaac Mathembe, Kangundo, Kenya

The Bible is clear, Jesus Christ is coming for His bride the Church. Many people or rather ministers of the gospel would ask this question, are you ready? The question I ask is how ready are we supposed to be? As you meditate on that, let me compare the Jewish tradition on marriage and the marriage of the Church by Christ the bridegroom.

According to Jewish custom, the first part of the marriage occurred when the contract was drawn up. The marriage contract often included a dowry. This parallels the act of faith that occurs when we trust Jesus to be our Saviour. The dowry is His life, which was used to purchase us from sin. In the Jewish custom before leaving his future bride’s home, the groom would tell her, “I go to prepare a place for you and I will return again to get you.”

During the time the bride waited, she prepared for his return. She went through purification ceremonies and she kept a light burning in the window in case her bridegroom returned in the middle of the night unexpectedly. As the bride of Christ awaiting His return, we should be preparing ourselves. Our lights should be brightly shinning in the darkness of this world as we anticipate His return.

No engraved invitations were sent out for the actual wedding ceremony because the groom’s father was the one who scheduled the date. The ceremony could not proceed until it had his approval. When everything was ready and the time came for the wedding to take place, the groom returned to the bride’s house unannounced, she came out to meet him and they both went to his father’s house.

The bride and the groom returned to his Father’s house amid great rejoicing and invited all of their friends to a festive wedding supper.

Revelation 22:7 “Behold,I am coming quickly! Blessed is he who keeps the words of the prophecy of this book.”



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