The American Flu

the flu

I thank my God through Jesus Christ for you all, that your faith is spoken of throughout the whole world (Romans 1:8).

From the great city of Corinth in Greece, Paul wrote to the Roman Christians, commending the reality of their faith in Jesus and the godly influence they were having on others around the Empire. It was something to thank God for.

While in Kenya in June, I was the keynote speaker at a pastor’s conference on homiletics, which is the science and art of Biblical preaching. I was joined by the local bishop of the Redeemed Gospel Church, one of the leading denominations in Kenya.

During the lunch break, Bishop Matheka and I had a lengthy discussion about religious trends in the United States. We spoke of the undue influence of mega-churches, spiritual decline and heresy, and the homosexual agenda in politics and churches. Toward the end of the conversation the Bishop said, “When America gets the flu, it is Africa which sneezes.” The spiritual illness of America manifests its symptoms in Africa.

As Americans, most of us don’t realize the enormous influence we have on the rest of the world. Many Kenyan pastors get their theological training by watching US television programs. Trends in American music and culture become African fads over night. What happens in Washington DC politics becomes a heavy-handed stick to beat Kenyan leaders into submission.

What we do and believe and advocate as Christians does not stay within our map-drawn political borders. Our choices swarm the nations of the world before most believers have even placed our feet within the boots of Biblical truth.

As American Christians, we have the ability to build, strengthen, encourage, and uplift our African brothers and sisters in Christ. And what believing Kenyans are wondering is if we care.

Do we?

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