In the Silence

Tillamook Forest

I picked her up at 7:30 on Saturday morning and we headed west toward the Oregon coast. Jennifer wasn’t used to getting up early, and for her, anything before 9 am was “early.” About 10 minutes into our drive Jennifer was fast asleep. I’m no expert, but I assumed that putting my date to sleep within 10 minutes wasn’t a good omen.

Heading through the rich farmland of Washington County, we encountered dense fog before torrential rains and winds over the summit of the coastal mountains. Still Jennifer slept. She awoke just as we approached our destination. I made the two-hour journey with an unconscious woman asleep in the passenger seat.

It was my first date with Jennifer.  It was my last date with Jennifer.

Silence can be very awkward, yet there are other times when silence is “golden.” Herbert Lockyer writes, “Silent love can be a mighty force.  The greatest work in the world is not accomplished by the best talkers” (All the Women of the Bible, p 105).

As I drove that Saturday morning to the Oregon Coast, I marveled at the force of nature beating down on the car. I was impressed by the mighty Douglas Firs lining the highway that cuts through the Tillamook Forest. I was awed by the quiet stillness of the world, except for the squeaks and swooshes of the wiper blades. And as the fog hung gently over the roadway, hiding the world from my view, I was reminded of how small and insignificant my life really is … except to God. And what started out as a hopeful date with Jennifer, ended up being a intimate drive with my Saviour.

Be still and know that I am God! (Psalm 46:10).

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