Desiring the Blessing of God – Amos

angry dog

Jack was tired after working all day rotating tires and replacing flats. Nothing relaxed him like the 20 minute walk home each evening. It was his way to unwind and get his mind in a proper mood before dinner with his wife and three young children.

He rounded the corner onto Bentmore Avenue when an angry Pit Bull charged the fence. This happened every night, but it still startled Jack. This time, however, the big dog was able to get enough of a foothold in the chain link fence to pull himself over and onto the sidewalk with Jack.

He pulled the jacket from under his arm to swat at the dog and then took off running. It was three blocks further to home. The dog was on the worn out man’s heels, but that didn’t stop him from finding an additional burst of speed.

Jack jumped the waist high fence of his yellow ranch style home and headed right for the side door which was kept unlocked during the day. It was a close call, but he slammed the door as the dog lunged for Jack’s leg.


It had been a good decade since high school and the last time Jack had run anywhere for any reason. He reached his hands toward the wall as his body collapsed in exhaustion. He made it. He was safe. This was his lucky day. “I’ll have to buy a lottery ticket,” he laughed aloud.

His right hand still holding up his body against the wall, Jack reached for the light switch with his left hand. “Click.” The lights went on. He looked up, to where his right hand rested, just in time to see himself bit by a large Brown Recluse Spider.

This hilarious – yet frightful – scene is like what the prophet Amos described. Amos warned the nation of Israel that there was a terrible time of testing and destruction which must come before the age of God’s blessing (Amos 5:18-20). The Day of the Lord they desired so much wouldn’t begin as anticipated.

We’re not unlike the people of Amos’ day. We’ve thought the persecution of Christians to be a third-world experience. I heard it growing up in church and as an adult: Jesus will come back before things get too harsh. We expect God’s material blessing of health, wealth, and prosperity, but willingly forget that all who desire to live godly in Christ Jesus will suffer persecution (2 Timothy 3:12).

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