No Passport Needed

Passport Control 7.16.15

We waited. It was part of our 11 hour layover in the Schiphol Airport at Amsterdam, the Netherlands, on the journey home from Kenya. What do you do in an airport while you wait? You can look at people, but that only works for so long. You can window shop, but again, you can only do that for so long. Paying $10 for a pre-made sandwich from a vending machine isn’t high on the agenda either.

The Passport Control lines in Schiphol were extremely long. The United States was on a heightened terror alert due to terrorist threats over the Fourth of July weekend. Every plane passing through Europe was delayed. Thousands of passengers pressed into a narrow entryway waiting to be questioned and passports checked.

We finally made it through, only to be redirected, along with every other passenger flying to the US, to a mysterious “D-1” area for further scrutiny. Only after going through the D-1 security checks were any passengers given boarding passes or directions to their individual gates. More long lines. More waiting. More boredom.

When we arrived at our departure gate, the Dutch Customs officers took us one at a time to small round chest-high tables where we stood to be questioned and our passports electronically checked. My wife and I were separately and “randomly” pulled to another area for further investigation.

The official looked at my passport and told me I could board the plane. Kim, however, was escorted into another area where she was given another pat down, then a chemical strip was scratched over her body and clothing. They were searching for traces of explosives.

I was already buckled into my assigned seat at the back of the plane when she finally arrived.

Kim received “special treatment” again by US Customs Agents when we arrived in Portland. That’s a story of mistaken identity for another time!

There will be no long lines, passport control officers, or customs agents in Heaven. At death, you either arrive in Heaven pre-approved by the sovereign election of the Father through Jesus, or you immediately arrive at the alternative final destination of Hell. The Bible provides no middle ground, no neutral territory, no second chances. Today is the day of salvation.

For the Christian the promise is absolute: To be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord (2 Corinthians 5:8). The alternative is also just as certain.

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*** Watch the video made from our ministry trip to Kenya in June: Click HERE


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