American Food


My dear Kenyan friends are eagerly anticipating the day when they set foot on the shores of America to visit me. They want to see, taste, smell, and experience all the goodness of this great land.

One of the things they most want to experience is our food. On my visits to them, they say, “We can’t wait to taste American food.” It’s difficult to explain to them that there really isn’t anything called “American” food.

In Kenya, each tribe has distinct foods and ways of cooking. The food you eat in Kambaland is not altogether like what you’ll find among the Kikuyu or the Masai.

Americans take the foods of other peoples and lands, change it to suit our tastes, give it a new name, and then serve it. Hot dogs are simplified German sausages. Tacos are a twist of the famous Central America fare. Apple pie … just a round German strudel. Popcorn was eaten by native Americans centuries ago. Maybe the only true American food would be the hamburger … maybe.

The Jews had their own special food too. As the children of Israel wandered in the Wilderness after fleeing slavery in Egypt, God fed them with manna. It’s described in the Bible as bread from Heaven that came down like dew (Numbers 11:9). Some ate it gratefully, but others, believe it or not, despised the stuff (Numbers 11:4-6)!

Jesus said, I am the bread which came down from heaven (John 6:41). Like the manna, Jesus came down from Heaven to satisfy the spiritual need of God’s people. Like the manna, He’s enough to fill the hungering soul.


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