The Way to Success

Prosperity Jesus

I watched his talk from in my bed
and waved the Bible o’er my head.
His big toothy grin made me bounce in glee
with the promise of life and prosperity.

I clapped my hands as I pondered his word
and thought of the blessings negativity spurned.
I needed to think of how great I could be –
if I’d only get past the problem of me.

Me? A sinner? O perish the thought!
For sin is a word that never is taught.
The gospel’s about what I can gain here;
forget all the suffering, failure and fear.

Godliness, truly, is the way to succeed
and never again experience need.
God is the road to gain everything,
He’s not the Almighty or Sovereign King.

He’s only a means – a path to receive –
health and wealth if I can only believe.
Be happy in life. This is really my role:
Heaven on earth, the ultimate goal.

Worship’s for me, and not about Him!
Then truth of the lie began to sink in.
The lie that was told to Adam and Eve:
I’d be like God. I’d been deceived!



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