Don’t Forget Us

Daniel's Home (12)

The Kamba people of Kenya tend to be extremely soft spoken people … unless it is a pastor preaching. They are so soft-spoken that to the Western ear, if you are not standing directly in front of the individual, you may not hear a word said. If the person is praying, you will not know he has finished unless you look around and see him eating.

One night we visited the home of a family for dinner. This husband and wife had seven sons, most of whom have been adopted. Such adoptions are very common among Kenyan Christians. Drug abuse, AIDS, and overwhelming poverty leave many children homeless and parentless except for the kindness and generosity of Christian people. They do these adoptions without any government interaction or remuneration.

After a dinner of traditional Kamba food, each of the very well-behaved, highly educated and polite boys stood and made a short speech or recitation they had learned in school. We sang a few hymns in English, then prayed together. We remained around the table and I encouraged the boys to be faithful to God and honor their parents.

One of the young men, in his very quiet, but passionate voice said, “Life is very hard here. There are no jobs and no opportunities. When you go back to America, please don’t forget us.

Remember my chains. Grace be with you. Amen (Colossians 4:18).


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