Doors, Windows and Walls

doors windows and walls 10 2015

I suppose you’re like me. You live in a house with doors, windows and walls.

Now also suppose that you came home from a day in the park with your family and found someone had entered your home through a window. He was laying in your bed, eating your food, wearing your clothes, making an appointment with your doctor, and watching your pay-per-view television. What would you do?

Would you remove the man by personal force or the police, or would you invite the man to stay and give him title deed to your bedroom, send his children to college, and pay for his food?

Jesus called the one who does not enter the sheepfold by the door, but climbs up some other way, the same is a thief and a robber (John 10:1). He is a trespasser; an illegal alien.

There are some who believe that those who come into our house by illegal means should not only be allowed to stay, but should receive benefits in the house of the homeowner. These same people live themselves, in homes with locked doors, walled compounds, armed guards, and alarm systems. It’s okay to have “undocumented immigrants” in our national house; but these politicians do everything possible to keep their own personal homes and property secure.

Other well-meaning people suggest that if you resist these aliens, you are not being Christ-like.

And strangely, those who illegally enter our national home, then live in houses with doors, windows and walls to keep others out of their personal space.

There’s a difference between those you welcome into your home through the door as guests and those who come into your home uninvited as illegal trespassers. No American familiar with our history is against immigrants. We are a nation of immigrants. But just as you have a home with doors, windows and walls, we are a nation that must protect its home and family from those illegal immigrants who break in to squat.


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