Newborn Babies

Newborn 10 2015

I’m not a raving fan, but newborn babies are okay. I was once, after all, a baby myself.

Sure, babies have a certain cute and cuddly factor about them, but what can you do with them? They’re about as exciting as a goldfish or pet rock. Babies cry a lot, want to eat and sleep, and they make more than their fair share of bad smells.

Now a 2-year old is a horse of a different color. At this age the toddler is a perpetual motion machine, you have a good idea of what he wants even when he doesn’t know, and he makes interesting observations.

The five year old is fascinated with learning and repeating everything she hears. She has a vivid imagination and strong opinions she’s eager to blurt out. She can also be a burst of activity.

Even better is when a child turns 15. By this age, if a parent has actually done some degree of parenting, the teenager can take care of himself (with occasional reminders to shower and change his underwear) and best yet, he’s so self-absorbed that he cares for himself and leaves you alone.

Growing up and maturing are wonderful – and vital – stages of life.

Spiritual growth and maturity are also very important.

How mature are you spiritually? Are you past the place of needing another person to feed you from God’s Word? When you make a mess, do you clean yourself up or do you know how to bathe yourself? Do you require constant encouragement or are you like David of the Old Testament, who encouraged himself in the Lord (1 Samuel 30:6)? Are you more concerned with getting attention or do you actively seek out ways to care for others?

Babies are sweet and cuddly, but how much better the companionship, comfort, and communication of adulthood!

Therefore, leaving the discussion of the elementary principles of Christ, let us go on to maturity (Hebrews 6:1).


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