A Sticky Friend

The end of a spider's leg
The end of a spider’s leg

Is that a SPIDER? my wife asked the other night, pointing to the ceiling.

I took an up-close and careful look. Sure enough, it was a spider, about the size of a nickel, minding its own business as it crawled across the ceiling. I took a small piece of paper and squished the bug for her before throwing it outside.

Spiders have tens of thousands of tiny, flexible hairs at the end of each leg. Each of these hairs has thousands of tiny, flexible hairs on its end. These millions and billions of hairs create a temporary “sticky” ability so a spider can walk upside down, up walls, and even across windows.

The Bible says that ~

There is a friend who sticks closer than a brother (Proverbs 18:24).

Brothers have the bond of blood; but the bond between true friends is a choice. True friendship is one of sacrifice and risk. It’s willing to stand up for and stand with another person no matter what the threat or the potential loss. True friendship values the person who is the friend and not the benefits gained from the relationship.

Like the legs of a spider, there is one friend who will always stick close … no matter what happens. His name is Jesus.


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