Final Victory

Final Victory

We knew the day would come, but anticipating it’s arrival didn’t make it any easier.

Our home was the residence of great sorrow. My son broke up with his first love. After more than 16 months dating the same young lady, they parted ways.

My wife and I were heart-broken to know that the heart of this dear young lady was dashed by another loss in a long string of disappointments. It was very difficult to see my son cry himself to sleep at night still sitting at his desk. It was tough wondering how this would affect his attitude in the waning days of summer. Frankly, there was nothing I could do but tell him that it would be okay and that I knew the pain he felt.

The pain of a father is no greater than when he sees the pain of his son. I’ve had my own heart broken. I know the feelings that accompany such loss because I’ve walked the same pathway.

The Bible tell us that Jesus knows our sorrows and pains, grieving with us in every tear, because He has experienced our same trials. He knows the disappointments of betrayal and abandonment. He’s felt the sting of physical affliction. He suffered the aches of hunger, thirst, and sleeplessness. He knew the weight of sin, though not His own.

His own experience as a Man is why He can sympathize with us in every distress. His own experience as a Man is also why He can comfort us, why He prays for us, and why He knows that the Father’s will is not only good, but best. His own experience is why we can be assured of final victory over our own experiences. Like the sun, eternity will rise over this life.

Jesus wept (John 11:35).


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