Run Away

run away

I was thinking this morning of when my siblings and I were kids. Someone would yell, “She’s chasing me.” My answer was always simple: “She can’t chase you if you stop running.”

Thinking of this made me consider reasons we run away. We’re afraid of who – or what – has approached. We’re angry at the one engaging us. We think we have better things to do than be seen with or accompany the other person.

So why do people “run away” from God?

  • They are fearful of who He is or what He will do. Punish. Transform. Make demands.
  • They are angry at something He has done; yet at the same time they ignore all the good He’s done for them.
  • Their priorities are different from His. Their plans are more important or better than those of the all-knowing, all-wise Creator.
  • They are ashamed of Him for what He does, who He is, or what being associated with Him will require.

If you are not walking with Him … you must either be hiding from Him or running away from Him.

Jesus said, All that the Father gives Me will come to Me, and the one who comes to Me I will by no means cast out (John 6:37).


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