Your List of Great Things

Your List of Blessings

Suppose we make a list of all the great things or blessings in your life you can think of right now. What would your list include?

  • Your family: parents, children, spouse, siblings
  • A warm, dry, and comfortable home
  • A car to take you anywhere you need to travel
  • Your job, which you may not love, but it pays the bills
  • A retirement account to maintain your standard of living once you reach old age
  • A dog or cat which depends on you and loves you without condition
  • Friends who love and care about you and for you
  • We all have aches and pains, but to be alive is to be in good health
  • Money in your pocket or the bank
  • No debts

Now consider what the Bible says: to live is Christ, and to die is gain (Philippians 1:21). This life is full of great things gained, but for the Christian, to die and be with Jesus is even more profitable than living.


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