Temptation at the Door

Temptation at the Door

Kate glanced quickly out the window before unlocking the door. She knew who stood outside and hesitated to turn the door handle. Her emotions were all over the place. Old Nick was up to no good, yet Kate felt things might be different this time around.

Years before, Kate and Nick had been good friends. There were parties, shared hobbies, same tunes on the radio, and even a few trips away from home. They’d been inseparable. There had been a lot of fun, though it wasn’t always for good. Nick wasn’t devious or cruel, it’s just who he was. He and Kate shared so much until she realized that her friend was leading her down a road of destruction she didn’t want to go. Life offered many temptations and Nick indulged in the worst of them.

Every now and again over the intervening years, Nick would send a text message or drop a card in the mail to her. Usually Kate could ignore Nick, but now and then she’d give in and talk. We did have so much in common from the past, she’d reason to herself. What’s the harm in just talking? We used to get along so well. 

Yes, Kate was weak and Old Nick knew how to appeal to her weakness. Past connections were hard to surrender. Simple things no one would ever suspect were enough to pull her back into his world.

Her hand still clutched the doorknob. She wondered to herself: will I invite Old Nick back into my life  – even for just a few minutes – or leave him on the outside where he truly belongs?

Be not deceived: bad company corrupts good morals (1 Corinthians 15:33).


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