The Church’s Most Unexpected Guest

The Devil

I never thought I’d see you here!
Said the parishioner to the Devil.
Tell me, why did you come to church?
It just isn’t on your level.

I thought that you hung out in bars
And all those worldly places.
I can’t believe that you’d come here
With all these Christian faces.”

“Oh! I don’t worry about those in the bars,
They’re already in my corps.
I spend my precious time in the place
Where I need most to score.”

“So I always come to church,
And I come for every service.
This is an important day for me,
So don’t let me make you nervous.”

“On Sunday morning I start out early.
I make things tense and jumpy;
They watched TV late last night
So they’re all tired and grumpy.”


“Going to church is not of much value
When they come with such a spirit:
Regardless how good the sermon is,
They really ever hear it.”

“While in church, they criticize
Whatever they see or hear.
Another battle I have won!
Their involvement in service? NO FEAR!”

“I cause a lot of little distractions,
Like people looking around.
Sometimes a frown or even a stare
Will cause good saints to lose ground.”

“I’ve confused and abused with doctrines rare
Far from God’s Holy Word.
I’ve cheated and defeated would-be-saints.
To name all my deeds would be a little absurd!”

“So will I see you again real soon?
How about the evening service?
Or do you come must once a week?
Does too much church make you nervous?”

“Anyway, when you come again,
Whenever that might be,
I’ll be right here, right on time.
You can always count on me.”

– by NE Durik

Put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil (Ephesians 6:11).



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