I’d Rather Read the Book

2 years (6)

I grew up as a book reader. My mother was constantly reading. One of my favorite photos of myself is at the age of 2 years, sitting on a stack of encyclopedias reading!

I love movies too – but the book is always better than the Hollywood production of the same story.

So this Easter season we’re bombarded by a slew of faith-based movies in the theater. There’s the Resurrection story with a Muslim perspective and another with new music from a “diverse” cast. One movie shallowly explains that God (“higher power” or “God as you understand him”) still isn’t dead; another story about a child going to Heaven after an accident. And don’t forget the 2-hour revelation of a Jesus who didn’t know who he was or why he had been born. Like nearly all the others in recent years, these are clouded by conjecture and filled with feel-good fantasy while being largely absent of Biblical truth.

I’m passing on man’s suppositions and Hollywood’s shallow attempts to entertain. Personally, I’d rather read The Book!

How sweet are Your words to my taste, sweeter than honey to my mouth! Through Your precepts I get understanding; therefore I hate every false way. Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path (psalm 119:103-105).


One thought on “I’d Rather Read the Book

  1. Amen Brother Richard! Nothing like a book! Back when I was in school THAT was all we had – books! Fiction, Romance, Detective thrillers, and Horror too.

    We had a library class period in this school and we were supplied with some of the best English literature to read. Even as early as a seven year old I fell in love with stories like ‘Dick Whittington and his cat’, Robin Hood, ‘Briar Rose’ Hansel and Gretel’ , Cinderella etc. Even now at 50 . . . I Still Read some of these fairytales with GREAT INTEREST. (weird huh?)

    But my real introduction to serious reading came when I was on a train with my mother. We happened to meet one of her friends who was a ‘bookworm’. After the pleasantries she asked me if I liked reading books, and I confessed that I just read some comics. She said “Oh no! Haven’t you read ‘The Famous Five’ by Enid Blyton”? I said “No, never heard of her”! She gave me a long sermon on ‘Enid Blyton’ and made me assure her that I WOULD get one and read it. I still remember the first ‘Famous Five’ I read. It was so gripping and I was so thrilled that I read it non-stop in one sitting.

    I was hooked! I was amazed that someone could dream up such thrilling plots. I soon finished Blyton’s series of both ‘The famous five’ and ‘The Secret Seven’. Then I picked up ‘The Hardy Boys’ by Franklin W. Dixson and also ‘Nancy Drew’ by Carolyn Keene and read almost the WHOLE SERIES. When I was in ninth grade I started ‘James Hadley chase’, Nick carter and Sydney Sheldon and by tenth grade I was into the bigger books by Ken Follet, Mario Puzo’s ‘God Father ‘, The Thorn Birds etc.

    I always had a book in my bag wherever I went. I would read on the bus, while waiting in a queqe and sometimes in the classroom. When I entered college I was already leaning towards the Occult so I started reading Horror novels and Occult literature.

    It is a shame that children nowadays hardly ever read anything because of the Computer and off course the television. And as a result most of them are very shallow in their thinking and have no ‘depth’. Books are a world in themselves and THERE IS NO SUBSTITUTE FOR A GOOD BOOK. How many times have we heard people say after they watched a ‘good movie’ … “Nothing like the book, you should read the book to get the real thrill etc”. That is because unlike the book, feelings and emotions of the actor or the situation cannot be produced in a movie!

    Of course now after I’ve come to know the Lord I only read books that pertain to theology. The only secular book I remember reading in the last two years is ‘The Da Vinci Code’ by Dan Brown. Though I admit that the book was interesting it was one filled with lies. In fact I opted to read this book because somebody told me that it had to do with the Bible …’ the Holy Grail’ etc. But the man who wrote it was truly inspired by the devil and he has done what J.K. Rowling is doing with her ‘Harry Potter’ series.

    But I see this as a fulfillment of prophecy. For the Scripture says that the Antichrist shall ‘shall cause CRAFT to prosper in his hand’ [Dan 8:25]. And the Apostle warned Timothy that, men would not endure ‘sound doctrine’ but on the contrary would ‘give heed to seducing spirits and doctrines of devils’!

    I think I should stop bragging about how much I love books. But there are many reasons why I like Books i.e. Real Books made of paper and ink compared to ebooks. First I don’t need a battery to read it. As long as there is sunlight or a street light it’ll do! I still remember a Cruden’s Concordance a Brother gifted me in 1990, it’s now broken into three pieces because of extensive usage; but I still carry it with me with pride because of the vintage and the brother it reminds me of. Sometimes when I quote from a certain book, I may not remember which page the quote is on, but I kinda know which part and which corner of the page, and it gives me great delight when I discover what I’m looking for. A search engine does not provide this thrill. Finally the God I worship loves Books, real books; you read of the Lambs Book of Life etc; and I don’t think it’s an e-book with a search engine! 🙂

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